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Brenda Robinson, Pilot

The first African American female pilot in US Navy history.

Brenda Robinson was born and raised in North Wales Pennsylvania. At just 9 years old, Robinson was already interested in all things aircraft-related. When she was 11 years old, Robinson took her first airplane ride from Philadelphia to Chicago on United Airlines, where her story begins.


In High school, Robinson attended a career study program, spending half days in aviation activities and visiting a local airport daily. Realizing women had a small role in aviation she almost lost interest, but, Air traffic Control became her new dream.


Robinson applied to Dowling College, one of the two only colleges on the east coast accredited by the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration: Brenda chose Dowling College and was accepted.


  • The first black woman in Dowling history to graduate with a degree in Aeronautics

  • Selected as one of 10 women in the nation by the Navy to start boot camp followed by flight training

  • The first black woman in the history of the US Navy to graduate Aviation Officers Candidate School (AOCS) 

  • Commissioned Ensign (equivalent to the Army's second lieutenant). 

  • Completed flight school in June, 1980 and "earned her wings", a historic Navy event.

Aviation Camp of the Carolinas

Aviation Camp of the Carolinas is a single-day, life-altering camp conducted on airport property. The camp totally immerses students in all things aviation and conducted at local airports to learn about the bounty of careers in the aviation profession in addition to flying. We, along with the aviation professionals they will meet during the camp, teach the hidden aspects of aviation that the traveling public does not know. Campers are connected with mentors (aviation specialists) who love giving accurate guidance to young people. Through those specialists, students may sign up for later flights, join the Civil Air Patrol, or head back to school emboldened with a STEM foundation they can use.


By attending our camp, students are instilled with self-confidence, dedication to goal achievement, STEM support, and leadership qualities, using aviation as the catalyst for instruction. It gives them an opportunity to experience a range of profession that they otherwise may not have been introduced to before. Students who go through the camp have also reported new-found or increased motivation toward studies and resolving issues of fear. Students leave Aviation Camp of the Carolinas energized, with an attitude of wanting to learn, and with the knowledge that good grades and hard work will lead them to success.

*The Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge can be completed in one day through this camp*


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