• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the mission of Aviation Camps of the Carolinas?

    We have found that many students are unaware of some of the cool, unique career opportunities that are available to them. We have also observed that some students experience a lack of confidence in their own abilities that sometimes lead to low homework completion or low investment in school. Aviation Camps of the Carolinas aims to tackle both of those issues head-on.

    Our mission is to introduce students to the wonderful world of aviation all while encouraging them to believe in themselves and trust their intelligence and resolve issues of fear so they can change the world like they were created to do!

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  • How does Aviation Camps of the Carolinas achieve their mission?
    Aviation Careers

    We achieve our mission by bringing students out of the classroom to an airport, and exposing them to the inter sanctum of the world of aviation. We teach them self-confidence techniques throughout the day while introducing them to supportive, informative experts in their fields.

  • When does the camp occur?

    Camps are scheduled 3-4 times per year throughout the school year: spring break, beginning of summer break, October, and Christmas Break. Since it is one day, their holiday is not disrupted and what they take away from the camp, they can use immediately.

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  • Why should I/my student participate in the camp?

    This camp is absolutely unique because it was designed for teenagers only. It's fast paced, fun, and as facilitators, we want to hear what they think, and so do the presenters. Teenagers need the "what" and "how." Because Ms. Robinson is a retired Navy Lt Commander, her outstanding peer group are now Admirals and Generals, and their juniors are base Commanders and Squadron Commanders. That connection allows her to call on pilots from around the country to come to Charlotte on a training mission as well as calling on Astronauts. She also knows Aerospace engineers, Aircraft manufactures, in seemingly unrelated fields such as the police department, health care, FBI to name a few, which all have aviation departments. These are the people that are introduced to campers. Students that come to this camp do not have to qualify for admission. Yet attending gives them a leg-up in knowledge and resources that disenfranchised students often do not have.