Volunteer or Chaperone
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Volunteer Aviation Training

Your assistance is most appreciated.
Your help is crucial to the success of future Aviation Camps.
Chaperones and Volunteers have two separate job descriptions.
Please note which you prefer.


CHAPERONES are utilized/needed the day of the camp to assist in the safety of the Camp Students. The fee to be a Chaperone is $150 which is considered a non-refundable donation and is 100% tax deductible. Chaperones must be over 21 years old and will be included in all the behind the scenes activities of the Camp. Each venue will be at a different location on the Airport grounds. Bus transportation may be used or at some airports, walking will be required.

The number of Chaperones needed is based upon the number of registered Students. The ratio is one Chaperone to every 7 Students. Chaperones will be selected on a first come basis. If you are a parent, guardian, or youth organizer, your registration will go unchallenged/vetted.

The Chaperones must be available from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Chaperones may be asked to assist with day of setup, check-in and check-out of Students, and cleanup. Chaperones will be provided lunch from our Sponsor. Thank you so much for your participation in making a difference!


VOLUNTEERS have pre-camp responsibilities. Volunteers start working no less than 4 months prior to each camp. Volunteers are those who can bring success to each of the camps thru their talents in sponsorship recruitment, speaker recruitment, marketing, social media, networking, fundraising, and professional photography during camp events.

Sponsorship recruitment could include, monetary, food for the camp, and tee-shirt donations. Contact with schools/teachers, ROTC, Boy Scout troops, and youth organizations, etc. Volunteers are welcome to a no cost Chaperone spot at the camp after bringing their accomplishments to the volunteer program.

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